Let’s go camping. We are nature lovers, that’s why we love to go camping holidays. It’s a good way to enjoy the outdoors and the kids have a great time.

In this post I’m going to explain all the advantages and benefits for children to enjoy a few days camping. If you’ve never tried to go on holiday this way, you’ll probably like all the good things a campsite has to offer – you might even want to try it!

It is clear that going to a hotel offers many comforts, I’m not saying no. We have been to hotels and apartments many times. It’s really like being at home, especially if you go to an apartment, because you have practically the same thing: sofa, bed, television, kitchen …

However, you’re still on one floor, between four walls. If you like to enjoy the outdoors and nature, the campsite offers you all this and more. Besides, it has the advantage that you meet a lot of people, which is great and a lot more fun.

And in proportion to what you can spend on depending on which hotels and apartments, camping can be even cheaper. It’s all a matter of choosing from the multitude of camping sites in every city.

Below I will list some of the advantages and benefits, particularly for children, that you can find spending your holidays in a campsite.

Advantages and benefits for the whole family

We can all enjoy the enormous advantages of spending a few days with our family camping, but above all the children! Here I show you some of the many benefits you will get by camping:

More freedom and enjoyment of the outdoors

In general, both the children and we, the parents, spend most of the year between four walls. No matter how big your house is, it’s still an indoor place. So there are many very gratifying experiences that your children cannot have inside their home.

However, in a campsite, all of this is possible; they have a world of nature around them! The song of the birds in the morning, the plants and trees, the earth… Whether it is a mountain or a beach campsite, in all of them you have wonderful conditions for children to observe the world around them and have some beautiful experiences in the natural world.

Greater autonomy and development of self-esteem

In a campsite, children quickly become accustomed to fending for themselves. It is a good time to let the child do some things on their own, if they are old enough to start being self-sufficient. Above all in matters of personal autonomy such as going to the bathroom, taking a shower, washing hands and teeth…

You can accompany them if they are still very small, but there are many tasks they can do on their own. And this is a good opportunity to let him fly a little. You’ll see how quickly he gets used to it and knows how to do many more things on his own than you can imagine!

Helping and getting involved in family chores

When you go camping, there are many tasks that parents do that children can help with. Although in our house, it is also important to educate them so that they help in the daily tasks, in a campsite it is even simpler.

Something as simple as joining us when we go to the sink area to wash dishes, for example. Also when we have to do the laundry, go to buy bread in the tent or supermarket of the campsite …

The good thing about camping is that it’s a closed space, so it’s a great opportunity to let the child collaborate and do chores without help. And they’re thrilled to be able to do “grown-up” things! This will also increase his self-esteem when he sees that he can do it and that he can fend for himself.

For example, last year we were in a campsite where on the same street as our plot, they had a small stall where they sold bread and breakfast products. Well, my son was delighted to be able to go shopping for croissants for the whole family in the morning – something so simple, but a real adventure for him!

Socialize and make friends

This is one of the strong points of camping. Campsites are full of children of all ages. So it’s a great place for your kids to bond and make friends.

From a certain age onwards, little ones enjoy getting together with other children their own age – families who have already gone camping will know what I mean! It is to get there and at the moment they have already become friends, with whom to play and go together with the bikes, to the pool …

In almost all the campsites above there are the so-called “Mini Club”, where they organize activities for children. It is a great place for them to socialize and meet other children.

Constant children’s animation

As I have already mentioned in the previous point, in the camping always they are used to carry out activities for the smallest ones. Thus, in many you will find that there is a playroom, workshops, handicrafts, paintings, songs and dances, gymcanas … Multitude of entertainment possibilities, in which our children can choose to their liking what they want.

Development of their aquatic aptitudes

Whether the campsite is on the beach or in the mountains, almost all of them have a swimming pool. This is wonderful, I would say, it is something essential for the summer season. Even if you have the beach or the river nearby, being able to enjoy swimming and scuba diving in the pool pleases almost all children.