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Rome travel guide step by step

With this travel guide to Rome we want to help you prepare your trip to the Eternal City, one of the most famous and visited destinations in Italy and Europe that we are sure you will fall in love as soon as you arrive.
Known by many as one of the cities with the most history in the world, Rome is a destination that does not disappoint, in which you will be able to surprise yourself at every step, discovering monuments and buildings brimming with history, which are surrounded by old churches, charming neighborhoods and excellent cuisine, which will make you feel even more, that Rome has been a great success.

So if it has been your choice, get ready to enjoy one of the most incredible cities in the world!

After having been in this city on 3 occasions, the first one in an escape to Rome in 6 days, several years ago and repeating later with an escape to Rome in a weekend, now we return to this impressive city, in which we will be practically one month lodged in the charming district of Trastevere, from where we will return to tour the most emblematic places of the city and from where we hope to know and discover many more that we will include in this travel guide to Rome, in the most complete way, trying to facilitate the planning and above all, trying to capture all the data extracted from our experience.

When to travel to Rome

Although we could say that any time is good for a trip to Rome, since the city will welcome you with open arms throughout the year, the months covering the periods of spring and autumn, are somewhat more pleasant, both for temperatures and to avoid this way the crowds that tend to be in the most touristy places in the months of June, July and August, which are also among the hottest of the year.

In our third trip to Rome we have chosen September to enjoy it and from what we have been able to see, it is one of the best times, both for climate and season, since it allows you to enjoy the city in a relaxed way, but also with good weather and with enough hours of light to be able to lengthen the day and make the most of it.

Accommodation in Rome

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the best place to stay in Rome. Bearing in mind that most of the tourist places in the city are easily accessible on foot, we could say that it is easy to find good accommodation in Rome, although having a hotel in a strategic location can mean a good saving of time when travelling, so it is worth spending some time contemplating the possible options, before deciding on one or the other.

Accommodation in the Centre of Rome

This is probably the most demanded option and also the right one if you want to be close to everything and you don’t mind paying more for basic accommodation, as most accommodations are over 100 euros per double room.

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Accommodation in Termini

Although it is not a very popular area because of the belief that it is not a very safe area, we stayed here the first time and we have to say it was a great choice, especially if you want to make a train getaway to another city like Florence or want to be near the main stop to go to the airport by train or bus.
In addition, it is a very central place, from which you will have all the main places a few steps and for a very reasonable price.

Accommodation in Tratevere

If you are looking for a district with charm, history and good restaurants, without a doubt, Trastevere is one of the best options to stay in Rome.
On our third trip to the Eternal City we will stay here, for almost a month, in an AirBnb apartment and we have to say that we are sure it will be one of the great travel experiences.

Vatican Accommodation

This is an option seldom valued, although for its location can be very interesting, if you do not mind being a little further away from the most touristic areas, but you want a modern accommodation and adjusted in price.
Also don’t forget that you will be next to the Vatican, to be able to make one of the most essential visits of Rome, first thing in the morning.

Accommodation in Monti

Known as the fashionable district in Rome, Monti is home to art galleries and charming venues, which have made it a meeting point for many tourists.
Being very close to Santa Maria Maggiore and Michelangelo’s famous Moses, this location is perfect for staying in Rome and being close to all the tourist sites, without being in the heart of the city, nor paying more than necessary for good accommodation.

Rome Travel Guide

If there is one thing we believe is important to make the most of your trip to the Eternal City, it is to know which are the most touristic places in the city, as well as the places to see in Rome essential. In this way you will not miss anything and you will be able to take advantage of the time in the way that best suits what you want to see in the city.

After our 3 trips to the city, the first two as shorter getaways and the last in which we spent almost a month staying in the Trastevere, we leave you several articles in which we detail and break down the different places we believe are essential to know and enjoy the city to the fullest.

Routes through Rome

If one thing is clear, the more time you have to get to know a city, the better. As we know that this is rarely the case and we usually have a limited time, after our experience, we believe that an average of 3 or 4 days, is the perfect time for a first contact with Rome and be able to know its most famous and known places.
Once you know the days you can dedicate to the city, it is interesting to know the most essential places to see in Rome, to distribute them in the best way in the days you have to know the city.

Bearing this in mind, we want to leave you some routes through Rome optimized according to the number of days you have to visit the city to make the most of the time.