Scandinavian women are considered superbeautys – especially the Swedes are among the most beautiful in Europe! They seem to be born prettier and dress much better than you do, I think. Envy! How can you look so good? The further I travel north, the more question marks I get.

Fine pores, rosy cheeks & an even complexion: I got a little smart and was able to elicit ten beauty secrets from the Nordic beauties. I will definitely integrate these Scandinavian tips and beautyhabits into my grooming routine from now on.

The 7 beauty tips of thebeauties

An immaculate complexion, tiny freckles and a soft tan – the Swedish women’s skin is so beautiful. They care for their complexion so optimally that they can completely do without foundation & amazon skincare. Wrinkles? No way! Why? That’s why!

Tip no. 1: Back to the roots

The Scandinavian beauties are casual, but by no means careless! Swedes, in particular, take care of their skin sparingly – preferably with natural cosmetics without silicones, parabens & Co. They pay particular attention to the ingredients of their care products. The special feature? Purely natural extracts of algae, sea salt, dune herbs as well as forest and meadow flowers make up the active complexes of these treatments.

Mineral oils and artificial ingredients are an absolute no-go! In addition, the beauties swear by stylish and natural beauty labels that come from Scandinavia – as well as regional plants and fruits that are processed into cosmetics.

Tip no. 2: The wonder berry of the Scandi girls

The small red cloudberries (in Swedish “hjortron”) are the favourite of the Scandinavian women. And not without reason: In summer the sun shines in the far north about 24 hours a day! This not only promotes the growth of the berry, but also ensures a high vitamin content. In contrast to other cultivated berries, the cloudberry contains 80 percent more antioxidants. Both guarantee a firm, pure skin with Mega-Glow!

Tip No. 3: You swear by a strict care routine

The colder it gets in the respective latitudes, the less the skin care should be slung. Of course, the Scandinavians also know this! Do you “forget” to remove make-up or apply cream today because you are too tired? Absolutely unthinkable for the Nordic beauties. The result somehow speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the women in the North always live according to the principle – less is more.

Tip no. 4: Give us the natural oils

Coconut oil was yesterday! Scandinavian women have long since discovered a new sacred Beauty-Gral for themselves. While we are still hanging on to our beloved coconut oil, the Swedes swear by avocado oil. Perfect for dry skin and hair!

Tip no. 5: Swedes eat and drink each other nicely

Super beauty tip from the inside: Drink birch water! The “new” trend drink is largely made from Finnish birch. With only five calories per 100 ml, birch water is rich in minerals and vitamins that reduce cellulite. Birch water also purifies and helps against impurities.

It is much healthier than meat and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which reduce wrinkles. Fresh vegetables are also often part of the Swedish diet. The combination of natural fats, omega 3 acids and vitamins gives the skin a real boost.

Tip no. 6: You rely on the right skin care product

The same beauty equipment all year round? Unimaginable for Scandinavian women! Especially in the cold winter months, the summer face cream should be replaced with a richer product. Your skin will thank you for it! The Swedes react cleverly and adjust their tools regularly to the weather conditions. In our case, too, a nourishing lip and hand cream should be used in winter.

In summer, a high sun protection factor and moisturizing serums are essential. Swedish women also buy their skin care products not only in drugstores or pharmacies. One of her favourite products is Forsvarets ointment, which cares for the skin and lips particularly well and is used by the Swedish military.

Tip no. 7: Keep it stressless

Swedes usually have light blond hair by nature, which falls optimally and shimmers golden. But to ensure that the mane is always healthy, the Scandinavian women also have their little beauty tricks here! Sachajuan from Stockholm is one of the best Scandinavian brands for beautiful hair.

The products are based on the purely herbal active ingredients of various types of algae and help the hair with the help of Ocean Silk technology to more health, smoothness and shine. I haven’t tried them myself yet, but I’m at the top of my wish list! At the moment I am very satisfied with Maria Nila’s Shampoo & Conditioner, which also comes from Sweden. The texture of the pastel and fruit-scented products is pure vegan.